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“Feng Shui” or “Wind or Water” is the ancient Chinese art of ob- ject placement and design whose origins go back more than 4000 years. In its early days “Feng Shui” was secretly practiced by the royal philosophers and sci- entists of China at the direction of the emperors who wanted to keep all the ben- eficial powers to themselves. Due to its increasing popularity around the world, the Feng Shui Masters are consulted for everything from the best site as an aid to improve failing health using simple cures it increases the flow of positive en- ergy or “Chi” while subsiding the negative. According to “Feng Shui” harmonizing ones personal “Chi” in their environment puts one in tune with the force of na- ture, yielding the three most sought after attributes to a good life, health, wealth & happiness.

The rules of colour of the “Feng Shui” relate to the five ele- ments, which in turn are linked to the orientation of rooms. South facing rooms - the luckiest, are linked with creative fire and should be painted in shades of red; ideal for a study area. Those that face north are associated bathroom. East facing rooms are linked to growth and nourishment and best decorated green- bedroom and with metal, therefore white or soft grey are good colour to paint for as here or both signify financial success. Central signifies earth & are best painted yellow.

  • Block of a through lounge because all good vibes flow straight out of the room. Alternately try deflecting them with a mirror.
  • Make sure your front door is in good repair or family fortunes would suffer, and it should open inwards to welcome good “Feng Shui”
  • A staircase facing the front door is bad news. good vibes just nip straight down and out ... Hang a curtain or build a porch.
  • Don’t have a straight path leading to your door-it will channel bad influences.
  • To encourage wealth, put a plant with large rounded leaves in the top left hand corner of your living room as soon as you enter.
  • Ceiling beams are a ‘no’ - ‘no’. Over a sofa they put pressure on the finances, over the bed they cause head- aches.
  • Make sure your bed does not face the doors-this has a close association with funerals as the corpse is car- ried out feet first.
  • Dressing tables should not face the door either - bad temper & emotional problems follow.
  • Study areas and living rooms should be kept free from clutter so that thoughts can rest.
  • Hang lots of mirrors in your bathroom to symbolize good health.
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